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Free International shipping on orders $250+
Free International shipping on orders $250+

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of leather do we use?

We use all vegetable tanned leathers, tanned in Europe. Hides originate from France. One can find out more about our leather here.

How do I care for and clean a product?

We recommend to clean and care for a product about every 2 weeks to a month depending on usage. We recommend a product which can be found here.

How much does a bag weigh?

In each product profile under product description you can find the weight and details of an item.

Who designs all the products?

All our products are designed in-house by Frank and his son. Click this link to see more about our design and craftsmanship.

Is everything made in the United States?

Our family has proudly designed and crafted our products in the USA since 1970. Read more here.

Do we make everything in our own factory?

Everything is made in our family owned factory in Fall River MA. Learn more about our space and what we do here.

How long does it take for a bag to be made?

If a bag is not in stock and needs to be made, the normal wait time is be 2-4 weeks depending on style and work flow. Please contact us here to find out what products might be available.

Is there a warranty on our products?

All products come with a lifetime guarantee on our craftsmanship. Any hardware related items will be looked at an assessed to determine the cost to fix or replace. Some hardware related items will have no charge depending on situation. Read more here.

Do we do custom work?

We try and accommodate all requests for modifications and bespoke items. For any work falling under this category there will be an added fee and extended wait. Pleasecontact us for all enquires.

Free International shipping on orders $250+
Free International shipping on orders $250+
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